Our class has been studying fairytales this month. We learned about the common characteristics of fairy tales. We learned that they often start the same way.  They can be scary but there are good and bad characters in each story. It helps to know that the good characters always win at the end. We also learned that they have similar settings like castles, forests and farms that remind us of long-ago times from our Pioneer studies.

The students then used reader’s theatre to practice reading with expression and presenting for an audience. In groups of 4 or 5 they each prepared a story and presented it to our Kindergarten buddies.

IMG 2502

To make it more real each student made a headband mask of their character to show which character they were presenting. They used their creative ideas to make their face as interesting as they could.

IMG 2505 Copy 2IMG 2503 CopyIMG 2503 3