In grade three students are learning about multiplication for the first time! To explain this concept the students are asked to create arrays on the learning carpet. Arrays are useful ways to represent multiplication and create a visual equation. Students can count the squares to find the answer of the equation. In this example, students also created a pattern in their multiplication array! 

 Math Arrays

This month we have been learning about lots of countries! As a class we’ve been to Japan, Brazil, Germany, and India. We had guests in to teach us about these countries. We will visit Thailand soon. We have made fake passports with flags of the places we’ve been to. In Japan we learned students call their teacher a “sensei.” In Brazil we learned that some areas only get 1 month of rain a year. In Germany we learned Grade 1 students receive a Schultuete on their first day of school. It is filled with gifts. In India we learned all kids go to university. We can’t wait to keep learning more about the world! 

-Written by 3ED Students 

 world map

-Written by 3ED students

In science, we have been learning about our five senses and exploring ways that we use them in our daily lives.  We have been focusing on our sense of sight and how it can help us learn about the world around us and how it can protect us from danger.  At our dramatic play center, students have had the opportunity to become Optometrists!  They have had so much fun role-playing as they test each other’s eyesight using reading charts with numbers, dot patterns, ten frames, rekenreks and high frequency words.  Students are talking about the different parts of the eye and their functions as they decided whether a patient needs a prescription for glasses.  Trying on the actual glasses has been a highlight for the class as they choose the type of frame they want to purchase. 


Our class has been studying fairytales this month. We learned about the common characteristics of fairy tales. We learned that they often start the same way.  They can be scary but there are good and bad characters in each story. It helps to know that the good characters always win at the end. We also learned that they have similar settings like castles, forests and farms that remind us of long-ago times from our Pioneer studies.

The students then used reader’s theatre to practice reading with expression and presenting for an audience. In groups of 4 or 5 they each prepared a story and presented it to our Kindergarten buddies.

IMG 2502

To make it more real each student made a headband mask of their character to show which character they were presenting. They used their creative ideas to make their face as interesting as they could.

IMG 2505 Copy 2IMG 2503 CopyIMG 2503 3

This month has been an exciting time in 4KD. One way we celebrated I love to read month as a school was by having guest readers come visit. In our classroom, we had visits by the Winkler police, parents, Mrs. Dyck, and Mrs. Vallelly. Each of the other grade 4 teachers also came by to share their favourite books. Another way we celebrated, was having a Character Dress up Day. Our class had Popeye, a ninja, Simba the lion, a few princesses, as well as Waldo! The grade 4s had some additional events this month that added to the overall excitement. We went skating at the Winkler arena, and also were able to go to the Hometown Hockey kick off event at GVC. Both were fun outings, and a great way to build community. What a great month!IMG 9863IMG 986853423742 2046354682253671 5730097404976300032 nIMG 9918

February 21st marked a very special day in 1BS… 100th day! We have tracked the number of days we’ve been in school on our SmartBoard during calendar and all the students were excited to reach 100! We had a fun filled day to celebrate being 100 days smarter. We made 100th day crowns, counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, made structures with 100 marshmallows and toothpicks, stacked 100 cups, read 100 books, made 100 day necklaces and more! We are all excited to see what else we can learn in the next 100 days!

 IMG 1199

IMG 1194

IMG 1201

IMG 1247

IMG 1257

This month Kindergarten students celebrated I love to read by sharing our favourite stories. Every month we take turns as the “Star of the Day”. There is a different task to complete and share each month. This month the task was to bring a story book from home to share with the class. Every student has been able to share a special book with the class. We read the book, discuss why the star liked the story, and learn and laugh together. Several students have brought guest readers in to help them express their love of books. Some students have read their book selection for the class! We look forward to hearing stories from the rest of our families as we wrap up this round of star students!

The students in 2BB co-wrote a fictional story about a bunny and a unicorn lost in the forest, only to be saved by a brave knight and his princess. The heroes were riding a royal carriage.  Tasked with the challenge of designing the carriage our heroes rode, the scientists in 2BB designed, built and tested their creations that used the wheel and axle systems they are discussing in science. These problem solvers had a blast!

 IMG 3755IMG 3758IMG 3764

While we celebrate the love of reading every month in 1MB, the month of February brought some extra attention to the love of literature. This month we had some guest readers stop by to share their favorite books. We thank them for their time!

IMG 2537

All grade 1 classes participated in a Teacher Swap. The teachers rotated from class to class sharing some of their favorite books with a new audience. JRW school held a Story Book Character Dress Up Day on February 15th. Students were encouraged to dress up as a favorite character from a book. Elsa and Anna showed up from Frozen along with many other characters including Rapunzel, The Cat in the Hat and Angelina Ballerina. 

IMG 2527 2

1MB also had a Home Reading Challenge. We started with a bare Enchanted Tree to go along with the Book Fair theme. Each day, as children read for at least 10 minutes at home, they earned a leaf to help our tree blossom! The results so far are below. 

IMG 2480 1enchanted forest tree2

We have had a lot of fun celebrating reading and literacy and will continue the excitement until June!!