Marigold flower1

In grade three students are exploring the growth and changes in plants. Sadly, our classroom does not have a lot of sunlight and our first attempt at growing plants was unsuccessful. We now have a mini greenhouse in our classroom that allows us to experiment and observe the growth of plants throughout the entire school year! The students are very excited and have currently planted marigold flowers!

At the end of January to the beginning of February, if you walked into our Kindergarten class you would have seen a hair salon in our Dramatic Play centre. Every 2 - 3 weeks our Dramatic Play centre changes into something new!

We come together as a class and talk about what we would like in that space. Some ideas revolve around food ( place, Subway, Tim Hortons) or places we have been (i.e.Superstore, toy store, nail salon). Everyone has a chance to suggest an idea. Once we have compiled a list, we then have to decide which one do we want the most. Students sit on the carpet and stand up when they hear a suggestion they like. We count out how many students are standing. The idea that gets the highest vote wins, if two ideas are tied then we take only those two ideas and each individual student is asked which one they would prefer. Once a decision is made we have to come up with a “shopping list”, so I know what we need to make their idea come to life.


Here is a picture of the shopping list for the hair salon…

Hair Salon Shoppng list

Somethings that were included:

  • A chair that goes up and down

  • Sink

  • Mirror

  • Wigs

  • Hairdryer

  • Hair dye / Hair colour


This was a very popular centre for all the students of the class, where they got to style dolls hair with various clips and ponytails.

The best part is that we had a parent who came into our classroom to give a presentation on being a hairstylist. The students got to see the various types of tools a hair salon would have and got learn about a job in our community.

 Hair Stylist

We are looking for what we recognize in music. We might recognize the repeat sign from piano lessons. We might recognize the word ‘play’ from the book we are reading in our class. We might recognize the quarter note, or ‘ta’ from last year’s music classes. When we get enough of the lyrics, we might recognize the song we learned last music class. When we get all of the rhythms of the ‘mystery song’, we might recognize that song as one we sang last week or learned last year.

In Term 2, in Jamie Dyck’s music classes, we are learning about rhythm. We are learning to look for patterns in the rhythms of the songs we sing. One student knew that this mystery song was “Are You Sleeping?” or “Frere Jacques” because he remembered that each line of the song repeats. He remembered that pattern. Students knew that our next mystery song was NOT “Are You Sleeping?” because the pattern was different even before we clapped it together.

Students use what they hear, what they see and what they already know to look for patterns in music

20190115 124436

In 3JR we have begun to work on our research skills.   Right now, everyone is practicing reading non-fiction books to pull out key facts.  We are learning how to choose important information, and how to write in point form. 

In science we are working with structures.  We have spent time exploring building with a variety of materials, including; lego, wood blocks, playing cards, straws, and popsicle sticks.   We have experimented with the strength of different shapes and materials.


In 4BL, we have been busy learning all about the different regions of Canada. The students became experts on a region of their choice by completing research and then using what they found to create their own informational brochures. They included important things such as: the physical location, different kinds of land forms, climate, vegetation, wildlife, and what resources can be found in their chosen region. Some comments made during research were “it’s so weird that the land changed so much over time” and “the Arctic summers are almost like our winters!”



On Wednesday, December 19th, all of the grade 4 classes mixed together for a winter fun day! We didn't have the right conditions for our outdoor activities, but still had a lot of fun when we moved indoors. Each group got to go to 5 stations where they got to do puzzles, play with Lego, play board games, make a craft, and solve a problem during a STEM challenge. After the busy week leading up to our Christmas concert, it was a great way to unwind and spend time with friends from other classes. 

The grade 2s of 2BB, along with their grade 4 Buddies, had a chance to practice teamwork, problem solving, and creativity in an outdoor setting. The warm weather allowed us to get outside and use our new place space to build forts using materials such as tarps, bungee cords, and ropes. Though the wind proved to be a challenge, our students worked together to create strong structures that withstood the natural elements as well as other students joining in the play at recess.IMG 3668IMG 3673IMG 3675IMG 3679IMG 3690


Our class has been patiently waiting for the day we hear from our Thailand Pen Pals. This week we received letters from our Grade 2 Pen Pal class . My class was very shocked to see the mail was sent by post back in September! “A lot slower than a text message” one Student mentioned.  After reading all the letters my students cannot wait to write and their responses and post them. pen pals 2

thai pen pals

pen pals picture

Michael ManyEagles, a traditional Cree Metis man, visited the grade 3 classes to each us about soapstone carving. Soapstone is the softest stone in the world and is a traditional activity. Soapstone can be found in Northwestern Ontario. We were taught how to make arrow heads and  then made them into necklaces.