Kindergarten registration for the 2023-2024 school year will take place at J. R. Walkof School from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday, February 6, 2023, through Friday, February 17, 2023, for children born in 2018 or earlier.  Please note that GVSD will not be accepting online registrations this year. 

Please bring the following to register:
1. Proof of Student / Parent Citizenship –
      a) For students who are Canadian Citizens - one of Birth Certificate, Canadian Passport or Treaty Card for student.
      b) For students who are Non-Canadian citizens, bring documents for both student and a parent as follows:
            - Permanent Resident Document or other Landed Immigrant papers; Refugee Status
            - Temporary Resident Document such as Parent Work Visa, Parent Study Visa
2. Proof of Student’s Legal Guardian – one of Birth Certificate (long form), Passport, Landed Immigrant Papers, medical card, court-ordered document signed by a Canadian judge.
3. Proof of Student’s Age – one of Birth Certificate or Passport
4. Proof of Address for primary residence – could be utility bill, driver's license, property tax bill, rental / lease agreement….

Registration forms will be available at the school on February 6. You may also print the registration form at bring it to the school on that date. 

Please note: Registration in a particular school may not result in final placement in that school.

Registration Form

Registration Form Information Letter

J. R. Walkof Elementary School is a dynamic Kindergarten to Grade 3 school located in the City of Winkler.  Each day, our dedicated staff invites 300 students to be creative, curious, and critical thinkers.  Our mission is to build an understanding of who we are, where we are, and our responsibility to people and place. We believe that fostering collaboration and inquiry results in strong relationships, resiliency, and a love of learning. 

IMG 0774

We did a school-wide art project based on The Dot, a book about inspiring others to do things they feel they cannot do as well as trying things you do not feel you are good at. Something as simple as a dot can grow into so many different ideas and ways of expressing yourself! Students created individual art pieces on that theme and we ended up with an incredible variety of colours, sizes, and styles of dots.

As students engage in various subject matters at school, we hope they push themselves and are reminded of The Dot. When the going gets tough they are reminded to not give up but start simply and see where they can end up!

IMG 0773

Grade 1 AS has been learning about polar bears since the beginning of January.  We have read fiction and non-fiction books about polar bears. We have compared our feet and hands to their paws and our heights to their height.  Finally, we worked together to build a model of a polar bear habitat.

polar bears portrait2

Invisible Forces

After Christmas the students have been exploring invisible forces through magnets.

Some of our questions were:

IMG 4574IMG 4578

  • What is attracted to magnets and what is not?
  • What does attract and repel mean?
  • Are all magnets the same strength?
  • What is the connection between magnets and the northern lights?
  • Is the earth really a giant magnet?

Our class has been working on making our writing pieces more interesting by adding details and descriptive words. Many of our writing pieces have been inspire by December activities, traditions and images. Last week we wrote about what the most beautiful Christmas tree looks like. Some students wrote:

“I see the night sky behind the tree, I see the sparkly star on top of the tree”

“When I went downstairs, I saw the most fabulous Christmas tree in my backyard. My jaw dropped when I saw it. The tree was green, red, gold and silver. It had lights, garland, and rainbow sequins all over. I felt so jolly and merry.”

“It had shining ornaments, twinkling lights and poofy pine. The best part was the star. It twinkled and shined on the glassy window.”

“One clam December morning I got out of bed and saw the most magnificent tree ever, it had sparkly ornaments and shimmering lights. I also saw tinsel making it look metallic.”

“Suddenly, I smell the smell of fresh pine needles. I follow the smell into the living room where I find … the most spectacular Christmas tree ever! On it I see dazzling ornaments, the most sparkly tinsel ever, shiny red and green ribbon, twinkling lights and candy caned dangling from the branches.”

To go along with our writing, we enjoyed designing and decorating ornaments!3CR Ornaments 13CR Ornaments 2

IMG 0499

J.R. Walkof School seeks to be a place where both staff and students are caring.

Students were given a chance to write about or draw an image, on a heart, of something they care deeply about. A wide variety of responses were submitted by students and included caring about parents, siblings, other relatives and friends, pets, faith, hobbies, and many more. 

1AS Nov

As part of our unit on Characteristics and Needs of Living Things, grade 1AS had a visit from Willow, Mrs. Seymour’s dog.  The students were extremely excited about her visit and loved every minute of her time here. After her visit, we discussed what she needs and we came up with food, water, a safe home, vet visits, grooming (she will get sick if she is not properly groomed) as her needs.  We also decided that toys are important but not needs, she just wants them. 

They are hoping she will visit again.


The combined Grade 2 and 3 choirs sang the national anthem for the Winkler Flyers on November 18, 2022. Excitement had already been building over the past weeks as our choirs prepared for our Remembrance Day ceremony and Christmas Concert but enthusiasm hit a peak as they prepared to sing “Oh Canada” in front of over 1,000 people. In looking for more opportunities and to expand our musical influence outside the school, we reached out to the Flyers and they happily booked a date for us to sing. 81 of 96 choir students were able to participate and they sang and represented our school exceptionally well!


Caleb Reimer

JR Walkof Elementary School Music Teacher

Science Design Challenge - design and create a nest using a paper bag and other materials provided to keep an egg safe from rolling away. Students created a written plan, created a nest using the materials provided and to meet the set criteria. When faced with challenges or problems students worked together and alone to try new things, support each other and solve problems. We presented our nests at the end to celebrate hands on learning!

DSCF0480 2 CopyDSCF0489DSCF0496


Please come collect your child's lost items. If any of the items below belong to you, please contact the school at 204-325-7765.

We will store them for a few months and then donate.

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