J. R. Walkof is a dynamic early years school that invites students to be curious, creative and strategic in their learning.  With a focus on literacy and early numeracy, J. R. Walkof encourages students to have discussions, ask questions and show their learning in a variety of ways.  Fostering partnerships and discovery in all subject areas results in strong learning relationships, resiliency and a love of learning that is celebrated every day.

Coming Up:


Tuesday, Dec. 18

  • Grade 3 & 4 Concert (6:00pm @ EMMC)

Wednesday, Dec. 19 - K

  • Early Dismissal (2:30pm)
  • Kindergarten Concert (5:30 @ EMMC)
  • Grade 1 & 2 Concert (6:30 @ EMMC)

Friday, Dec. 21 - Last Day of Classes


Monday, Jan. 07 - Classes resume 



2BB Outdoors

The grade 2s of 2BB, along with their grade 4 Buddies, had a chance to practice teamwork, problem...

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3ED- Soapstone Carving

Michael ManyEagles, a traditional Cree Metis man, visited the grade 3 classes to each us about...

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1ASJ - How Many People in ALL our Families?

Asking the question, “How many people are in your family?” led to multiple conversations in our classroom...

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